KolRabi Chukas – Red Heifer, Spiritual Seekers

Animals can do what people cannot. Ducks can swim in circles on a pond forever, and not ever need psychiatric assistance or require therapy. And other than the lemmings [whoever said, “A billion… Continue reading

KolRabi Korach – Pride and Fighting

Should the Sanhedrin be active in resolving arguments even if it is beneath their dignity? Should the King or Prime Minister be active in resolving arguments even if it is beneath their dignity?… Continue reading

KolRabi Sedra Shelach – Democratic Decisions

The people chose to avoid HKBH’s advice. They democratically elected, and gained Moshe Rabbenu’s half hearted agreement, to send spies to investigate the land that HKBH had long promised to their forefathers. Upon… Continue reading

KolRabi – BeHaAlosecha Moshe Rabbenu Has 2 Eyes, but One Heart

Within the span of 8 Pesukim Moshe Rabbenu pivots 180 degrees. He complains to HKBH about the people. He says to HKBH, and we can only be astonished at his temerity and casual… Continue reading

KolRabi Sedra Naso – Kosher Torture & Rehabilitation

The woman who violates the sanctity of her marriage is tested in the Mikdash with a supernatural device. It is a life or supernatural death test. [5:11 – 31] Gd instructs that His… Continue reading

KolRabi, BeChuKosai – Do a Bit Better – Do No More

Whenever we contemplate service to Gd, the image of brothers, Kayin and Hevel [Cain and Abel] springs to mind – Gd favoured Hevel’s offering but not Kayin’s . We can always do better,… Continue reading

KolRabi Sedra Behar – We All Must Trumpet Triumph

We blow Shofar on Rosh HaShana, unless it is Shabbos. Chazal, our Sages OBM, decreed that when RH is on Shabbos we do not blow Shofar, lest some due to their enthusiasm and… Continue reading

KolRabi Sedra Kedoshim – Take no Revenge, Bear no Grudge

We cannot avoid interacting with, and ourselves sometimes being, mean spirited people.But what is ‘mean spirited’? Often its about those who refuse to do what we want them to do, or not do,… Continue reading

Kol Rabi – Sedra Shemini, Truth, Purity and Cleanliness

The first offering to be brought by Aharon and his children the Cohanim, is a sin offering. [9:2]The first offering to be provided by the Nation is a sin offering. [9:3] Why? Because… Continue reading

KolRabi – and Nothing But

KolRabi Gemara TaAnis 23 – Of all the Sage’s unusual and puzzling actions, which he eventually explained, are two quite shocking observations. The great sage and Tzaddik, known to have HKBH’s ear, the… Continue reading