Kosher – The Quiet Declaration

What is the magic that has preserved our passion to maintain our Jewish identity throughout our long and troubled history? Whatever it is, I am pretty sure that Kosher food plays a prominent… Continue reading

KolRabi – and Rebbi Akiva Laughed

Many of us, have enjoyed the pleasure of visiting Yerushlayim. It is a beautiful city, and many claim its holiness is palpable. It is a tourist destination, and a place for introspection, for… Continue reading

Rosh HaShana; The Importance of Modesty & the Illusion of Confidence

Without formal training and only some life experience, I would offer a modified perspective of the conclusions made by Dunning and Kruger, described below. I suspect that when modesty is inculcated and penetrates… Continue reading

Sedra Ki Savo – It’s Not Fair

“In spite of Gd’s best efforts to help you appreciate what He has given you, it was not until today, when you feared losing it, that you began to appreciate it” – [29:3… Continue reading

Sedra Ki SeTzeh – Contaminating the Land

The Torah commands, perhaps advocates, capital punishment. When capital punishment is applied, the corpse, in some circumstances, must be hanged in public. However, it is prohibited to leave the corpse hanging overnight. Burial… Continue reading

Sedra ReEh – Do We Know That Irredeemable Evil Exists?

You are to exercise no mercy, feel no pity and not hearken to their pleas – but they must be executed by your own hand [13:9, 10] The Torah instructs that various transgressions… Continue reading

Sedra VaEsChanan – What’s on a Blank Canvas?

You must be exceedingly careful to protect your souls, by keeping in mind that when you stood at Mount Sinai and heard Gd speak to you, you were as close to Gd as… Continue reading

KolRabi, Mattos – Remaining Silent

The Torah clearly differentiates between the prohibitive vows made by men and women. When a man will issue a prohibitive vow upon himself .. he is obligated to keep his word [30:3] In… Continue reading

KolRabi Sedra PiChas – Influencers

And these are the countings of Moshe and Elazar the Cohen … and in these there was no man who had been counted [40 years earlier] by Moshe and Aharon the Cohen [Elazar… Continue reading

KolRabi, Sedra Balak – Life’s Battle

And the Yidden became attached [addicted?] to the worshipping the idol of PeOr [25:3] What type of service was performed for the idol of PeOr? The worshipper would expose themselves and defecate to… Continue reading