Hearing Whatever We Want to Hear, NeBech

HaRav Steinman is approached by a well meaning school administrator. It appears that the administrator wants to get the Rav to sanction his preference to exclude some children from his school. These children are not quite the right “type”. He does not accept HaRav Steinman’s response. He insists on telling the Rav that respectable Benei Torah [how stupid can one be?] have told him that these children are bad and will damage the school and the other students there. HaRav Steinman declares that refusing the family’s request and compelling the children to attend another school, is a decision that would be made by communists.

The Rav asks rhetorically, “Who can decide which children are “good” for the school and which are “bad” for the school?” He illustrates this with facts – the facts that esteemed Roshei Yeshivah sent their children to very “ordinary” schools.

Finally, HaRav Steinman realises that they are just not listening. He begins to shout, “This is nothing but GaAva – arrogance.” But the administrator does not get it. I suppose he does not WANT to get it because the Rav is essentially shouting at him that he, the administrator is a BaAl GaAva, an arrogant so and so.

If someone else posted this on the web, YeYasher KoChaChem, may The Almighty give them more strength; if the parties themselves posted it – woe to us that even after having had time for reflection they still do not get it, they sees no shame in posting this on a public forum, declaring to the elements, “Look what a BaAl GaAva I am”.