Reflections I am too Pained to Name

Every so often individuals make mistakes. Errors are part of life. We are only human, after all. But we are also divinely inspired, a spark of Gd lives within all of us.

Correcting our mistakes and forgiving others for their mistakes, reflects our divine spark.

Refusing to correct mistakes is evil. Communities that support one another in not correcting mistakes, are an abomination.

This is known as Chanufa.

It is well known that we love life religiously; above and beyond all else. Gd wants us to live. It is also pretty well known that Gd instructs us to sin rather than forfeit life; but not always. There are three so called, Cardinal Sins, Murder, Idolatry and Immorality, for which one is charged to forfeit their life rather than transgress.

Guess what? Chanufa is another sin which one must avoid even under pain of death. [Rabbenu Yona, ShaArey Teshuva] Chanufa is an abomination that destroys the fabric of our society, the sanity of civilisation and the dignity of our identity.

The community exists for the benefit of all the individuals; it does not have its own identity, personality or rationale for its existence other than to serve all the individuals. When the community assumes its own identity and finds it necessary to sustains itself by trampling upon and consuming its members, the individuals in the community, then it is an abomination.

Self serving arguments, that the organisation must be protected, that the community organisation is Gd’s tool and the hope for the future success of the community, that individuals who suffer are collateral damage, that an omelette cannot be made without breaking some eggs; are absolutely revolting and an abomination.