120 Words, Sedra Korach

You, Moses and Aaron, were not the only ones to hear Gd say “I am the Lord your Gd …” argues Korach [Rashi 16:3] and therefore we all qualify to be appointed as the leader or the High Priest.

Korach speaks the truth. Moshe Rabbenu, although a prophet unrivalled in our history, who speaks with Gd as no other did or will, is not therefore better qualified to be our leader. We all heard Gd say, “I am the Lord your Gd ….”

But Moshe Rabbenu does define the single quality which the nation should have recognised; “I suffered for the Torah” [Rashi Devarim 1:14]

Hearing Gd speak is an equal opportunity for everyone to become great, but without hard work, without suffering, it remains but an opportunity.