120 Words Sedra Chukas

The child complains about their father, to their father. The criticism is sharp, unrestrained, exaggerated and intends to wound. The child is helpless and the father all-powerful. The child’s frustration is tangible; their feelings of helplessness stab both father and child. The child accuses the father of trying to destroy them and their dreams for a free and happy life.

And this is not the first time the father is so accused. It is a difficult relationship.

Only great perception and depth allow the father to see beyond; to love that child and care for all their needs.

The people complained, “We have been brought to the wilderness to die of thirst.”

Gd tells Moses, “Give them water from the rock and don’t forget to provide water for their beasts.”

Our Sages observe, “See, Gd is concerned [even] for the property, the financial success of His People.” (Rashi 20:8)

And even whilst they are rebellious.