120 Words Sedra Balak

Attractive young girls, pleased to pleasure; was the only way to confuse the Jewish soldiers and seduce them to worship the idol PeOr.

We are all willing victims of an attenuated form of this marketing ploy, “impulse buying”.

Worship of PeOr requires exposing oneself, ensuring the anus is visible and defecating towards the idol. Ugly.

Reb Chaim Shmulevitch suggests that this worship declares: there is absolutely nothing in this world that deserves our respect.

Respect is not a superficial adoration. It is not mass euphoria or hysteria. The angels, like the crowd at a sports stadium scream, “Holy, Holy, Holy”, they cannot control themselves. However, HaShem wants to hear our praise, made through our free will, more so than the praises of His angels.

We are able to know and consciously choose, and our life career is to cultivate this knowledge and choice; there are values that deserve our respect.