120 Words Sedra Pinchas

Who is Pinchas, this man who quelled Gd’s wrath and halted the plague?

We are twice told [25:7, 25:11] Pinchas, the son of ElAzar, the son of Aharon the Cohen. We are thereby assured that he was honourably motivated, and a worthy son of Aharon. His intentions were pure, as pure as his grandfather’s.

But why need this be noted?

Because some condemned he who saved us. Even when admitting our guilt, we are prone to condemn others. [Rashi 25:11] “Sure we made a mistake, but it should not have been him who corrected us! That low-life had no business dispatching our leader, even if he did deserve it.”

Unravelling our emotions and self-defence and self-deception mechanisms is not a simple business.