Sedra Devarim 120 Words

Moses, counting his final days, conveys in this week’s Sedra, a review of The People’s shortcomings, which is locked into our religious memory.

How could a people so close to Gd, eating His food and drinking His water, shaded and protected by His hand; fall short of what appears to us to be so easy and so proper?

Moses chides us, “You knew I was your best teacher, so why did you reject me?” [Rashi 1:14]

The answer is likely the most devastating criticism of all, “You did not want justice, you did not want to learn. You wanted to win. You wanted to be right, to be victorious.”

The appetite for personal victory overwhelms our overt pledge to honour Gd and respect principles.

A timeless message that is sadly so suited for this time of the year when we recall the destruction of our Temple that we did not and continue to not deserve.