Sedra VaEsChanan 120 Words


This Shabbos is the “Shabbos of Comfort”

But the word Nachem, although commonly used to convey the notion of comfort, as in Nichum Aveilim, comforting those who are in mourning; actually means to turn around. “And GD changed His mind “VaYiNochem” about the evil he had said He would do [against His People]”

In this respect comfort reflects upon the ability to alter the framework from which we view life.

Rabbi Akiva’s observation, upon seeing the ruins of the Temple, prompted his colleagues to say, “NichamTaNu” you have helped us see a different perspective.

Tzaddikim are praised, not for their “holiness” but for their resilience, they fail but do not see themselves as failures.

As a Nation, we have suffered the indignity of Exile, but we know we are not failures.