Sedra Eikev 120 Words

“What does Gd ask of you?” [Devarim 10:12] which means, not very much at all.

Why do we find it so difficult to forget and certainly to forgive those who betrayed us?

We offer trust, over time, to our close friends and optimistically project that this trust will be honoured and reciprocated to some degree. We find it difficult to look at betrayal of that trust as a passing failure which is uncharacteristic. We see betrayal as a very deep almost irreparable flaw in a persons very essence. Restoring trust require extraordinary effort that proves regret and loyalty.

Unless it is our child.

After we spat in and slapped Gd’s face with the golden calf, what would be required to rebuild the intimacy of old?

This is the exhortation of Moshe our Leader: after our great betrayal, Gd is not demanding very much of us. [Rashi]