What is Love? Why are we commanded to love Gd?

And WHY does Gd constantly test to re-affirm our love?

Here is one easy question to answer all the above: are we, ordinary people, any different?

Why will Gd “go to the trouble” of providing a false prophet with the power to perform authentic and unchallengeable, miracles and signs?

Gd tells us why: (13:4) “because Gd is testing to see if you really love Him with all your heart”. When Gd created us in His image, it was for THIS purpose, so that we can understand the pleasure of being loved and the pain of being betrayed, and, using those very real experiences, be able to meaningfully relate to and with Gd.

Are we distraught at just the thought of our nearest and dearest betraying us? or even just loving us a little less? In this anthropomorphism, Gd feels the same distress.

And the true purpose is: that we should understand that Gd loves us; because only those who feel loved can feel betrayed.