Sedra Ki SeTze 120 Words

Following execution, the body of the criminal must be publicly hanged, but may not be left overnight since, [Devarim, 21:23]

a person who has been hanged is a curse to Gd [The Living Torah, A Kaplan]

an extraordinarily [almighty?] great curse [notes The Living Torah]

for an impaled body is an affront to Gd [JPS 1962]


How is Gd cursed?

Indeed, some may consider it a Praise to Gd, when criminals are hanged.


Gd is cursed because He is a loser. By hanging the criminal we are rubbing Gd’s face in His failure.

We are on this world to succeed, Gd is backing us and banking on us, and when we fail, Gd fails.


We cannot raise a full cup to praise Gd, because as hard as Gd tried, He failed to convince Pharo. The destruction of Pharo was not a win to Gd, Gd lost.

That is why we spill the drops of wine from the cup at the Pesach Seder.