Sedra Ki Savo 120 Words

27:9, “Today you have become a People to Gd your Lord.”

Which day is this?

The day we left Egypt? The day we stood at Sinai? Yom Kippur, when we received the second set of Tablets?

No; it was the day we accepted that we are responsible for our own destiny.

This Awareness emerged on the day that Moshe Rabbenu gave his tribe a Sefer Torah.

We protested, “Do not exclude us. We too stood at Sinai and received the Torah”.

We finally accepted and wanted to make the evaluations and decisions governing our relationship with HaShem.

On this day, Moshe Rabbenu happily provided each tribe with their own Sefer Torah.

29:1-3, “In spite of all that you have witnessed, it is only today that you have finally come to your senses.”[see Rashi]

There is no single day of celebration because “Today” means each and every day is cause for celebration. Rashi 27:9