Sedra VaYelech 120 Words

We are not surprised that Moshe Rabbenu argues with Gd. Or even that Gd should concede to Moshe. We understand that life and Torah are about challenges and debate. In Yiddishkeit, there are mostly shades of grey, although many insist they see black and white.

Moshe argues with Gd about how He should be identified when Moshe heralds the nation’s redemption from Egypt. Gd says “I Will Be Who I Am” but Moshe Rabbenu altered that to “I Will Be”. [Rashi Shemos 3:14]

But it is surprising that Moshe Rabbenu indicates that Yehoshua should lead the people according to the guidance of the elders but is overridden by Gd, who insists that Yehoshua must rule with force [Rashi 31:7] “It all rests upon you”

It seems that whilst it is important to consult ones subordinates, “Let us make Man”, the leader must form an opinion and must be prepared to impose it.