Yom Kippur, 120 Words

Yom Kippur is an opportunity to imagine: because everyone has moments they wish had never happened; or moments where they wish they had reacted or acted differently.

We comfort ourselves with: “Ah, such is life”; or, “Omelettes can’t be made without breaking eggs”; or, “that’s collateral damage”; or, “I was being economical with the truth, I was not lying”

But imagine being unshackled from those events and memories.

Imagine being free from others’ opinions.

Imagine feeling accomplished by our striving, yearnings and ambitions.

We may not mutilate ourselves. In the same verse, “We are Children of HaShem.” Seforno and RaMBaN explain – Children of HaShem cannot experience loss or disappointment that warrants permanently marring ourselves, as if to say, “Our life will never be the same.”

Neither may we permit our past to mar our being Children of, and being loyal exclusively to, HaShem.