Sedra HaAzinu, 120 Words

When I announce Gd’s Name, ensure you respond by praising Him. Devarim 32:3

This is not a command, it is a yardstick.


RaMBaM explains that loving Gd means being sick with love [what we call “madly in love”] Ch 10 Teshuvah.

The man so afflicted can never quell his mind from dwelling on and being excited about the focus of his love. So too should we be afflicted with an intense love for Gd that does not permit our love to drift below the thresh-hold of our consciousness.


When Gd’s name is mentioned, our response should be to spontaneously burst with passion and rhapsody. Just mention a fellow’s football club, or hobby and note what happens. Everyone’s eyes may glaze over, but the speaker is in a world of his own; madly in love.