Succos, 120 Words

We obey Gd’s commands: the greater the difficulty, the greater the reward. [Avos]


Yet Succah, I believe, is the only Mitzvah which requires that we be comfortable for its performance and are exempt when in discomfort.

The Gemara ridicules those who insist on remaining in the Succa when uncomfortable.


Gd’s commands generally speaking, are a detail in the broad flow of our daily life. Add some tassels to the corners of your garments; place a parchment on the door, keep one day of the week for dwelling upon Gd and His link to Humanity.

Succah on the other hand is an eight day intense residency, encapsulating our entire life. We must eat, drink, lounge and sleep in the Succah. It is complete immersion without letup.


But such intensity is not the usual nor the preferred way of or to Gd.  Gdliness is a comfortable whisper of affection not a shout, a burden, or an intrusion.