BeReishis, 120 Words

Why consult with those whose advice we don’t need, and is inferior?


But that is what Gd does. Let us [He consulted with the angels, Rashi 1:26] make Man in OUR image [as it is commonly translated]


And Gd does not ignore their suggestions, creation defied Gd’s instructions [Rashi 1:11]


Gd wants to teach us to be Humble: we must emulate Gd and consult our subordinates. This is not just for show, i.e. consult but ignore them. Their advice and their inadequacies must be included in our decisions. Gd consulted the Angels because He was aware that they envied Man [Rashi 1:26]


It makes sense when we think of how a loving relationship works. The RIGHT or MOST PROFITABLE decision is not necessarily correct and successful.