Sedra NoAch, 120 Words

The dove returns with an olive twig.

This has become the international image of peace and tranquillity.

Our Sages however, promote a very different message. The occupants of the ark were protected by the ark that NoAch built, and tended by NoAch for all their needs whilst they were NoAch’s passengers for over a year.

The dove returns with a twig which has a very bitter taste. Other twig options were available but the dove wants to convey a message to NoAch. And the Torah records this message because it is a message to the world.

The doves says to NoAch, “You fed me for these many days, weeks and months; delicious tasty, sweet foods;  but I prefer to be fed from Gd’s hand even if it is as bitter as this olive branch.”  Rashi 8:11

The dove is speaking of freedom. Freedom to live as Gd set the creation. If we lose that awareness of what we are supposed and destined to be, we have lost contact with Gd.