Sedra LechLecha, 120 Words

When Gd promises Abraham that he will be the progenitor of trillions of descendants, he does not doubt Gd’s word.

Gd is very pleased. Genesis 15:6

However, Rashi takes the remarkable step of bursting our balloon; Abraham was not so trusting in the very next verse. After Gd promises that He will give Abraham the land of Israel [15:7], Abraham asks Gd, “How do I know?” [15:8]

What is Rashi explaining?

Even when great miracles have been performed, Abraham is saved from the furnace etc. our natural inclination is to be mistrusting.  We would think it is a matter not open to discussion. If Gd saved MY life like that, I would have no problems trusting His promise.

But it is not so. We are hardwired differently. That Abraham believed the first promise was an astounding accomplishment.

If it is natural to not even trust Gd, we must recognise that it is natural not to trust people, even parents. When our children DO trust us, we must recognise what an accomplishment that is. Gd deemed it a Tzedaka when Avraham believed Him, we must certainly appreciate the Tzedaka of even our family and  certainly others who do trust us.