Sedra YaYeRa, 120 Words

Sara laughed to herself upon hearing a blessing that she, at an advanced age, would give birth to a son.

Gd is displeased by this. Gd is capable of all things and Sara ought not ever, in any circumstances, doubt this.

Gd directs Abraham to rebuke her.

Why does Gd not rebuke her Himself?

Besides, reporting this shortcoming of Sara to Abraham is prohibited as Lashon Hara, idle chatter that, for no useful purpose, tarnishes a reputation.

It would appear that Gd holds Abraham responsible for [at least some of] Sara’s shortcomings.

I must admit this observation does not sit very comfortably with the world in which I live today, nor in my home. However, when our Sages are criticised for interpretations that seem sometimes to be unnecessarily male oriented, I do reflect upon this episode.