Sedra Chaye Sara, 120 Words

It’s nice to get a blessing for success and assurances that Gd will assist fulfil ones task. So why does Abraham not offer his blessing [24:7] to Eliezer when he FIRST charges him with his duty [24:3&4] to find a wife for Yitzchak?

In truth the introduction to the blessing [24:6 – You had better not take my son to that place] makes Avraham’s response to Eliezer’s enquiry, “What happens if she does not wish to come to this land?” sound more like a reprimand than a blessing.

Our Sages teach that Eliezer the Eved of Avraham, was not a servant at all but the prime minister of Avraham’s empire. He was the main exponent of Avraham’s philosophy and chief public relations and marketing strategist to promote the notion of Monotheism.

Perhaps Avraham was disappointed with Eliezer’s query. Eliezer’s lengthy intimate awareness and teaching, of Avraham’s philosophy,  ought to have given him the confidence not to require such a blessing and to understand for himself that Yitzchak was never to return to Avraham’s birthplace.

Seeking blessings is a popular pursuit these days, as is seeking Segulos, mysterious devices and strategies that are said to promote success, happiness and all good things as well as protecting from evil. I suspect that these are not signs of excellence, piety and purity but rather diversions; distractions from what ought to be our true pursuit. Our energies are directed to misguided devotions which are a poor investment of our spiritual energies.