Sedra Toldos, 120 Words – Perfection from Imperfection

Yakov was not perfect. He was pleased to find a pretext to deny Eisav the opportunity to become a better person. [Rashi 32:23]

For this he was punished.

There was no need for Yakov to receive Yitzchak’s blessing, as Rivkah had already been informed by Gd that Yakov would dominate. [25:23]

There was no need to diddle Eisav out of  the blessing, since Gd cannot be fooled nor coerced to bless undeserving rogues.


Perhaps the motivation was tainted: an imperfect Yakov [and Rivkah], wanting to trounce his rival, perhaps rationalising that Eisav was anyway an evil, plotting, undeserving brother who had gained Yitzchak’s favour through deception. [Rashi 23:28]

Man’s actions and thoughts are always suspect.

Yet a great Nation is constructed from this man. We are the Sons Of Israel – Jacob.

A Life Lesson: Great Things Are Built From Imperfect Components. We don’t require Infallibility.