Sedra VaYeTse, 120 Words, Achdus – Unity

Gd promotes peace amongst stones. He wants them not to bicker over who will be closest to Yakov’s Head.

Gd intervenes. A miracle – Many stones fuse into a single stone. [Rashi 28:11]

But they remained just as distant from Yakov’s head.

Was it a miracle that the fusion stopped the bickering?

The stones were not fighting for their own glory. They were united in purpose and the miracle was but a reflection of their unity.

Heart tissue pulsates, but for life, they must synchronise.

Not being at table 1 is an insult only because I see myself as a competitor.  The stones were not competitors but fully united in a single purpose.

SinAs Chinam, is wrongly translated as baseless hatred.

SinAs Chinam is INDIFFERENCE; when we lack a single united purpose.

When we share a single purpose, we can all miraculously fit comfortably into the Temple: we are all equally close at Mount Sinai.

It is not miracles that bring unity but unity that promotes miracles.