Sedra VaYeShev, 120 Words. Who’s Minding the Store?

The Sedra documents the frightening bickering and division in YaAkov’s family, which YaAkov contributed to, if not instigated.

According to Seforno, Yosef reported to his father that his brothers were acting improperly; they were not running the family business at maximum profit.

Why was this so important? Why would it have been of any concern to YaAkov? It was not as though they were being careless in their religious commitments.
Seforno explains that “at that time their main focus and energies were devoted to accumulating wealth.” Seems that there is a proper time also for this.
Medrash suggests that when Abraham was wandering as per Gd’s instructions, to an unknown destination, he was observing various attitudes of the peoples and reflecting about the suitability of these locations for establishing his home. He was hoping that Gd would instruct him to settle in a place where people were industrious and organised in the manner in which they ran their businesses.
We would think he’d be looking for a place where people were religiously or spiritually inclined; a greater reflection upon us than upon Avraham.