Sedra MiKetz, 120 words. Attaining Perfection

What exactly did Yosef feel about and towards his brothers who turned against him and left him for dead?


I find this one of the saddest readings of the Torah. The family, OUR family, is divided.

No, our family has inflicted upon itself this terrible division. But the wound is deeper and broader than the chasm that separates them; it is characterised by the lack of initiative, the unwillingness of anyone who even attempts to appease or repair.


YaAkov calculated, and he was initially correct in his projections, that presenting the special coat to Joseph was useful and constructive for the entire family. [see prayer recited after the Birkas Cohanim] Nevertheless the Talmud warns that no matter what benefits appear to accrue, one ought never differentiate between their children.

Why did Joseph not learn this lesson? Why did he present excessive gifts to Benjamin over his half brothers?


What images are running through Joseph’s mind when he concocts this fantastic scheme to snare and confuse his brothers?


And yet this is our family, the family chosen by Gd to live by the Torah and to lead by the Torah.


Making perfect things is easy for Gd. The perfect engineer can provide Engineered Perfection.

But Gd is not interested in easy Engineered Perfection. Gd is interested in Accomplished Perfection, accomplished through struggle and tension.