Sedra VaYiGash, 120 Words, Viceroy of Egypt Faces Kings of Denial

Special Edition – Celebrating the birth of our grandson, Mazal Tov to Naftoli and Miri Rabi


Yosef astounds his brothers by seating them according to their age [43:33]; according to Medrash he astounds them with many very personal facts that none but a family member could know. Yosef fobs them off with, “I am a great magician”. The brothers are left wondering.

Last week, Rashi [42:24] explains that Yosef incarcerates Shimon because Shimon put him in the pit. Shimon was the instigator, the provocateur who incited with, “Look who’s coming – its the big-shot dreamer.” [37:19]

Was Yosef getting even with Shimon? What’s the point if Shimon doesn’t know it?


An objective person would have easily concluded that this must be Yosef. The brothers failed to see this, as they failed to see Yosef’s family resemblance; they DID NOT WANT to see. They are in Denial.

Recognising the truth is the first step to reconciliation and freedom. But the dreams they rejected then, are the facts they deny today. They are not free.