Sedra VaYeChi, 120 Words. Lying for Peace, Truth for Peace

Yakov knew all the details of the brothers’ betrayal, the reasons why Yosef may have wanted to avenge his hurt, humiliation and pain, but Yakov understood that Yosef would not seek revenge. Thus we KNOW [Rashi 50:15] that Yakov did not instruct the brothers as they said he did, that they lied.
Perhaps the brothers came to Yakov before his end, to admit the truth and beg forgiveness.

Perhaps they were hoping that Yakov would beg Yosef to not seek revenge.  But Yakov did no such thing, it was not necessary.


Could they not admit the truth to Yosef as they admitted it to Yakov?

Is it permitted to lie rather than admit to the truth, as Yosef’s brothers did, for the sake of peace? [Rashi, 50:15; and Gemara Yevamos, 65b]