Sedra SheMos, 120 Words. Gd Tests Moshe Rabbenu. Celebratory Edition

This weeks edition celebrates and expresses our gratitude for, the birth of a granddaughter.


Before Gd reveals Himself to Moshe Rabbenu, He tests MRabbenu.


What is the test and why is He testing him?


Gd waits to see how MRabbenu reacts upon observing the miraculous burning, non-incinerating bush.

When Gd “sees” that MRabbenu has “turned aside to inspect”

THAT IS WHEN Gd decides to reveal Himself and speak to MRabbenu.

The test that MRabbenu passed was that he “turned aside to inspect”


But the word Sar actually means turns AWAY. Why was Gd so pleased that MRabbenu turned AWAY? And how can one turn away in order to have a closer look?

MRabbenu was seeking truth. One cannot properly seek truth when the mind is tainted with “pre-conditions”. Therefore MRabbenu turned away from his “pre conditions”, in order to honestly appraise the message that Gd was showing him.

And this is what so pleased Gd.