Sedra VaEra, 120 Words. Complaints May be Good

Gd is beginning a new chapter in the world’s history. However, Moshe Rabbenu is not yet up to speed. Gd appears to Moshe and tells him that Avraham, Yitzchak and YaAkov did not complain [Rashi 6:4]. On the other hand, you Moshe, are complaining [5:23] even though you know me as HaShem and they only knew Me as Sha-Duy.

We need not speculate about what these names mean, it is clear from the context that HaShem is a new and superior disclosure of Gd’s identity which was unknown to the forefathers. A new relationship is being forged that will bond the Sons of Jacob to HKBH in a way that has not been accomplished till now.

Until now Gd’s promises were never challenged by His followers [Rashi 6:4] They never criticised or questioned Gd.

But Moshe Rabbenu is different. During Moshe’s first discussion with Gd, he advised Gd to make changes. HKBH instructed Moshe to tell the Elders, that AHYA ASHER AHYA sent him, Moshe disapproves and counter-suggests to say only, AHYA. HKBH accepts Moshe’s advice. [Rashi 3:14]

I wonder therefore, if the remarks, “They did not complain, but you do complain” is perhaps in praise of Moshe Rabbenu.