Sedra Bo, 120 Words. What We Think HKBH is Thinking

During the Pesach Seder, we fulfil HKBH’s command to “speak into the ears of our children” the eternal message that He made the Egyptians look foolish. [Shemos 10:2 and Rashi]

What is accomplished by ridiculing the vanquished?

Suggesting answers is akin to a Rorschach ink blot test. , our answers tell us more about our mindset than HKBH’s.

For example, we spill wine from our cup during the Seder when we list the Makos, the plagues that struck Egypt. Some suggest that just as HKBH forbade the Malachim to sing whilst the Yidden were enjoying final riddance of their mortal enemies, since “Gd’s handiwork is being obliterated, this is no time to sing.” so too as plagues strike HKBH’s handiwork, our cup of joy is incomplete. Destruction of Gd’s universe is tragic. The message is that all of nature is sacrosanct, its destruction tragic.

However, perhaps the focus is not on nature but on HKBH. Our cup cannot be raised in His honour and praise because in this matter He failed. HKBH in spite of His best efforts, failed to persuade Egypt to recognise Him as Master of the Universe.