Sedra BeShalach 120 Words. Food for Life

Gd fed us Manna during our journey in the wilderness. In addition to this miracle being recorded in our national history, a jar filled with this fantastic food was kept [16:32, 33 and Rashi] in the Holy of Holies and was displayed to us in order to reinforce our confidence that our primary career whilst transiting this world, is to learn Torah.

[16:18] Each person received their portion, no one could take more no one received less.

[16:19] None could be saved for tomorrow.

[16:22] When we brought our portion home on Friday, it was discovered to be double the regular measure.

[16:29, 30] Shabbos is a day on which we are free from seeking our daily physical needs, a day for dwelling on ones own space. SheVu Ish TachTav.


Any explanation to these simple and elegant observations will only dilute their powerful message.