Sedra Yisro, 120 Words. Seeing Is Not Believing

Seeing is Believing, but not for Yisro. The Torah emphasises that Yisro HEARD about what Gd had done; that’s why he joined the Jewish People.

Seeing does not require sequential input whereas listening does. We cannot comprehend two messages if we hear them simultaneously.

We SAW all that Gd had done for us, we were excited and enthusiastic but we lacked the perspective gained by LISTENING and evaluating all the components one by one. We rave about a new acquisition until the sheen wears off; we then see its blemishes and shortcomings.

It was only after Yisro had a good long LISTEN that he chose to join us. He therefore understood that Moshe was equivalent to the entire Nation [Rashi 18:1] We however, did not yet appreciate Moshe’s true worth. And that is why, of all places, it is here that we are told of Moshe’s great stature.

Judging by what we hear about some relationships, perhaps we ought to take a page from Yisro’s book. LISTENING can disclose new perspectives and prompt us to re-evaluate.