Sedra Terumah, 120 Words, Where is Gd?

Moshe Rabbenu communicated with Gd without being in Gd’s presence.


[Rashi 25:22] As Moshe Rabbenu entered the Ohel MoEd, Gd’s voice would descend to the Tabernacle, be focussed on the cover of the Aron HaKodesh between the Cherubs, and would from there be directed to Moshe Rabbenu who was in the adjoining chamber. In fact, Moshe Rabbenu could not even see the Aron HaKodesh. Thus, Gd was not present in the Mishkan, neither did Moshe Rabbenu hear His Master’s Voice from its source in the Mishkan.

Yet the Torah says, “I speak with Moses Face to Face – Peh El Peh A’DaBer Bo” [BaMidBar 12:8]

Face to Face is not a description of physical but of emotional and spiritual proximity.

This truth must be borne in mind. Our proximity to HKBH is not determined by how close we are to the Holy of Holies but by the nature, posture and mood of the conversation we have with Gd. Most of these conversations are held in our mind. I think they often run in the background whilst we carry on normal routines.

But they are the device by which we interpret and upon which we construct the fabric of our life and its relationships.