!20 Words Sedra Vayikra. When Leadership is Guilty

What does it feel like to betray those who love us?

It depends on the extent that we love them. We do not feel a duty to be loyal and may in fact feel revulsion to those who impose their love upon us or expect [demand] reciprocity.

As a true student is only one who feels free to disagree with their master, so too a true lover is only one who feels free to disengage from the relationship but chooses to remain loyal and pledges loyalty and allegiance.

The Sedra defines the fortunate generation; whose leaders recognise their misdeeds and betrayals and do what is necessary to repair the damage. Asher Nassi YaChaTa, Ashrey HaDor, [4:22, Rashi]

When leaders seek to repair their betrayals, the generation follows. [Talmud Bavli HoRaYos 10b]