Celebrating Rachelli Rabi’s engagement to Shimon Holtzman. Sedra Shemini 120 Words, We Are Special

My friend, a martial arts practitioner, has calloused hands and feet that allow him to withstand heat and sharp projections, that make ordinary mortals wince and squeal when just watching him.

However, he cant feel the slightest dot or dash of Braille.


Gd tells us that He has ELEVATED us from Egypt [Vayikra 11:45 and Rashi] to not consume the sorts of foods that the Egyptians ate.

Under the microscope there is nothing wrong, bad or unpalatable about these foods. And with time we can become acclimatised, and develop a thickened calloused attitude that de-sensitises and permits us to resist the barbs and cuts and attacks of these crude and base experiences.

Would we rather not prefer to be sensitive to Gd’s and His world’s subtleties?