Sedra Taz Metzora, 120 Words. Getting Away From It All

The Cohen must pronounce [Rashi 13:3] that the house, clothes or person is Tamei. There is no other example in Tuma and Tahara or in any other Torah Law, where a physical status requires a pronouncement before being valid or active.
Thus our Sages have taught that the sin of poisonous communication, that all penetrating and insidious evil, LaShon Hara, is the cause of the plague described in these Sedros. People have blemishes, but they are not plagued by them until their friends and community activate those deficiencies by taking note and talking about them.
We talk about, “Getting away from it all.”
But we need not travel that far, we just need to get away from our preponderance to “validate” deficiencies [real or imagined] that we observe in OTHERS.