Sedra AchaRey Mos, 120 Words. Telling it Like It Is

It is important that the lesson to be learned from the death of Aharon’s two sons, is not diluted. To this end the Sedra associates its opening communication of HaShem to Moshe Rabbenu, as occurring following the death of Nadav and Avihu.
And Gd spoke to Moshe after the death the death of Aharon’s two sons.

However, the Pasuk does not continue as expected –  “thus shall you say to Aharon your brother ….”
Rather, it begins anew, Gd spoke to Moshe, “Instruct your brother Aharon that he may not come at any time to the Holy.”

Rashi [16:2] alerts us that it is not just for Moshe that the severity and danger, “as the two son’s of Aharon died” is declared. Moshe must convey this bitter, piercing and traumatic warning to his brother Aharon.

Woe to he who must transmit this communication but how bitter are the long term consequences of not doing so.