Even What They Make Holy: Sedra Emor 120 words

Our distorted sense of self and self determination, leads us to funny conclusions; such as, although we recognise and respect the sanctity of those things dedicated to Gd, we nevertheless think that if WE are the ones who sanctified and dedicated OUR things to Gd, then we need not be (quite as) respectful of their sacred status.

Accordingly, Gd finds it necessary to give us a special warning [22:2, Rashi] wherein we are admonished, DON’T BE STUPID, you are a bank teller, the money is not yours, your life is not yours, the things you sanctify are not yours and were never yours.

This is probably the most difficult misconception to correct and probably the most critical to achieve in order to be truly dedicated to Gd. It also the most difficult to understand and internalise. It is far easier to submit to a tangible leader and powerful organisation than it is to submit to an invisible Gd Who at present hides His presence.