Gd’s Greatest Blessing, Sedra BeChuKoSai – 120 Words

We are assured that our loyalty to Gd will ensure that He will provide us with agricultural and financial success. [26:3-5]

However, we will still have enemies who will need to be repulsed. We are instructed to pursue them and cause them to fall. [26:7]

{Are we attacked because we do not wish to share our success? Because we have plundered what is not ours? Because we are immoral?
We are under attack, because. Isn’t that a tormenting and accurate prophecy?}

But Passuk 6 is a mystery, it speaks of there being peace in the land BEFORE we have dispensed with our enemies.

RaMBaN explains that the blessing is that there will be peace amongst ourselves.

So let’s get this straight; when we keep Gd’s laws and are loyal to Him, we will be blessed with all manner of good things, including harmony between ourselves. So if we don’t enjoy national and communal harmony, it must mean that we are not truly loyal to Gd. And as Rashi observes, without peace, all success is worthless.

Thus Gd’s greatest Blessing is that which we create for ourselves, and the lack of this Blessing is truly self inflicted.