ShaVuOs, Why No Symbols? 120 Words

So what is Shavuos?

Why are there no symbols for this Festival?


We are not permitted to upgrade a beast we have sanctified for a sacrifice.
Why not? Why am I not to bring an improved more expensive and expressive token of my allegiance to Gd?

The problem lies in seeing the cosmetics to the exclusion of the substance. Gd does not want fat sacrifices, Gd wants substance, Gd wants sincerity; just like we want sincerity – after all we are fashioned in Gd’s image. We dont want the words, “I love you”, we want to be confident that we are loved and valued.


So Gd says, after the official celebrations are over, “For seven days you did your duty, you ate Matza, you lived in the Sukah; but now, Hang around a little bit, I enjoy your company. We dont need history, or an excuse or a pretext to celebrate. I love you.”

So our Sages named Shavuos, Atzeres; which means, “Stop! Don’t go yet. Wait a bit.” which is the same message as Shemini Atzeres. This too is Atzeres.