Sedra BaMidBar 120 Words; Do Not Let Him Fail

The last three Pessukim [4:18-20] charge the Cohanim [Rashi 4:18] with the duty of preventing the lower ranked Levites from being killed.

The Levites are to transport the holy vessels of the Mikdash, but the vessels must be dressed for their journey before the Levites arrive. If the Levites arrive whilst the vessels are still unclothed and visible, the Levites will have violated the honor of the Mikdash, and will be severely punished.

Who bears the responsiblity if the Levies are punished?

The Cohanim.

Although the Torah blames the Cohanim, it is the Levites who are punished.

Clearly, the negligence is that of the Levites.

Yet the failure is that of the Cohanim. That is love, as a parent sees their children’s negligence as their own failure.