Things Gd Does Not Tell Us, 120 Words, Sedra Naso

We are able to elevate ourselves, temporarily, as a Nazir, to abandon the luxury of wine and desist from the communal norm of participation in the burial and commiserating with the bereaved, even of one’s own family. [6:3-7]

And when is the propitious moment to make this upward leap? The Torah does not say, but alludes by its strategic placement, the juxtaposition of the Parsha of Nazir to that of the Sota, the fallen woman. Bearing witness to the disgraced woman ought trigger that upward leap. Her initial movements are gradual and almost imperceptible, not even she may have noticed the first hesitant faltering movements that began the terrible journey.

Ignore not this window upon our own faltering steps. We are destined for dignity and grandeur.