Those Insignificant Actions. Sedra BeHaAlosecha, 120 words

Miryam, is publicly rebuked. [12:14]

The entire nation comes to a standstill. [12:15]

Only when Miryam is healed and escapes her rehabilitation from punitive isolation, and is restored to her family, does the congregation move on. [12:16]

Was this stoppage designed to intensify her humiliation? Was the purpose of the inactivity to prevent diversions that might draw attention away from her plight?

No.    The nation remained paralysed in her honour. Due to their concern and adoration for Miryam, they were unable to move. The nation wanted to focus and express their sympathy for Miryam. They did not want to move on. No sensible and sensitive person can just drive past a sister who is in agony.

But the Rabbis see a deep reason to explain her charm. Miryam, as a young girl, waited, she could not tear herself away from watching her baby brother’s destiny floating precariously in the water and whose future might easily cease at that moment.

As she was paralysed by her feelings for her baby brother, so it was that she charmed and hypnotized the nation in her moments of shame and despair.