Sedra Chukas, 120 Words. Loving Them Even When They Betray You

There was no water to drink; 20:2.

But we didn’t just complain, we were looking for a fight: VaYaRev HaAm Im Moshe, “We’d be better off dead, like our brothers who died of plague rather than suffer this interminable and torturous death by thirst. You kept us alive just to enjoy the sight of our suffering. That’s the reason you took us from Egypt and delighted us with visions of being taken to a Land of Milk and Honey, just to torment and ridicule us.”

Ibn Ezra says Moshe and Aharon ran to Gd to escape the People. They had nothing to say to the People and they had nothing to say to Gd.

Nevertheless, Gd instructs them to get water for the People, and …….. not to forget that their beasts also need water to drink, 20:8.

Moshe was not thinking of rationing the water, why need HKBH remind him about the beasts?

Rashi explains; we observe, here of all places, that Gd loves His People, and He wants Moshe Rabbenu to communicate that even in these trying circumstances, where he has been unjustly and maliciously attacked, that he too loves them to the point that, as he was chosen for being sympathetic to the young sheep’s thirst and hunger and carried it in his arms, so too now he is concerned for the People’s welfare even to the point of ensuring that they should plainly see that he isdetermined to ensure that also their beasts will have adequate water to drink.