Sedra Balak, 120 Words – None Are So Blind

Why does the angel bother with the sword [22:23] BilAm can’t see it anyway? And the donkey can’t make any sense out of it?

But that’s the whole point, BilAm is NOT supposed to see the sword – if he would, he would be deprived of the best opportunity to make a meaningful decision, which Gd wanted him to make.

The sword represents the inevitability of Gd’s controlling power, but its invisibility represents that Gd wields it behind the scenes, permitting us to still retain our dignity of being the master of our decisions.

Love is about making a choice to be committed and to make sacrifices for that which we love. We feel and we are, compelled by our love; and that too is a sword behind the cloak of honour and dignity.