Sedra Matos 120 Words, Ethnic Cleansing

“They battled with Midyan as Gd commanded and killed all their men” 31:7

A very difficult command to internalise, to justify, to comprehend.

It’s difficult because even if one accepts that only annihilation can purge whatever evil it is that resides in this clan, we cannot possibly suggest that it is beyond Gd to correct that evil.

Which leads us, like a condemned criminal, to the almost irrefutable conclusion, that Gd deems it important for us to be engaged in eradicating evil.

OHaVey HaShem SinU Ra may direct us to understand that Loving Gd means Hating Evil, that the two are mutually exclusive, but is it not said that we can hate evil without hating the evil-doer?

We are however, in this Pasuk, a long way ahead of just hating Evil.

VeHaEr EneiNu BeSoraSecha, May Gd illuminate our eyes with His Torah