Sedra Devarim 120 Words, Moses Speaks His Mind

Moses is not facing an election.
He is not fearful of any backlash.
His mind is already visualising his departure from this world and his arrival and welcome at his permanent and enduring residence, basking in the wonderful presence of Gd’s aura.

But his heart is somewhere else. It is with his people, those people about whom he declares in a verse dedicated to say nothing else but, “You have sought to be rebellious against Gd from the first day I knew you” Devarim 9:24, see also 9:7, 9:22

He must leave his people with a lasting indelible message. He sees their destiny and although assured of Gd’s covenant and protection, he sees his people’s future failings and rebukes them. But he cannot bear the thought that he should hurt their feelings.

And so begins an epistle of love that conveys his love for his people, that pleads with his people, and in order to enter gently into this painful remonstration against them, will, at this early stage, not specify details of their lapses and rebellions.

Our exile continues. HKBH seeks every opportunity to redeem us but we do not permit Him. The words and emotions of Moshe Rabbenu resound throughout our history. We read them every week, but we do not heed them. This is the week of Tisha BeAv.