120 Words, Sedra VaEsChannan. Using Gd to Prove Who is Right?

Who does Gd favour?

“You see I am right because Gd has bestowed success upon my efforts. He has blessed me with success.”

“Not at all. Gd says – I will favor those I favor – which means we will never be able to understand why it is that Gd favours even those who appear utterly without redeeming qualities, Gd favours them just because, not because they are right or deserving. Even Moshe Rabbenu when beseeching HKBH for permission to enter the Promised Land, asked a favour that would be granted even to the most undeserving.” Rashi 3:23

“Furthermore, it almost sounds like we can twist Gd’s arm. HKBH must beg Moshe Rabbenu to cease making his request to enter the Promised Land.” Rashi 3:26, Rav Lach. “Otherwise”, says Gd, “I will look bad for being so harsh upon so loyal a student.”

“Moses was denied entry to The Promised Land. Does this mean he was not deserving?”


So, what is Gd’s message?

It is that He gave us the ability and the duty, and if we choose, we are the ones who must determine what is right.