Sedra Eikev, 120 Words, We Are Different

The word MilChaMa – War, is derived from the word LeChem – Bread.

That’s what happens when there is a war or a battle. It’s like a corporate takeover but I’m not sure which is more brutal.  Treo [remember that pioneering smart phone company?] no longer exists, it was bought up and swallowed by a bigger fish, a shark or something even more ferocious.

This week Moshe Rabbenu instructs us, commands us, 7:16, to

  • eat up the nations that Gd gives to us and
  • not pity them [We are so instructed because we are a Nation that usually, lives and breathes pity]
  • not worship their idols
  • because it will cause us to stumble.

I never figured this out. We are not to worship idols, it’s the second of the 10 Commandments. Why is there a need over here to provide an additional reason?

The preceding verse, 7:15 promises that we will suffer no illness, not even the common cold [Seforno] in spite of all our neighbouring enemies being stricken with the most lethal and contagious of diseases.

It seems that we are being told that although we will witness these overt miraculous interventions, and may interpret them as safe-guarding us and therefore freeing us from taking steps to rid these peoples from our land, we are nevertheless commanded to ensure our future is not jeopardised. It appears that in spite of Education being paramount in preserving Jewish Identity and Continuity, removing temptations and creating a foreign free environment is critical.